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Top 6 community building platforms to build crypto communities!

Top 6 community building platforms to build crypto communities!


A million reasons can end up being listed in front of you if you type "Importance of community for your crypto project" on the search page. There is no excuse for not having one. The fact that community is a group of genuine well-wishers who will be there to support and promote your project no matter what you are going through. They shall make sure that the project is adequately publicize and has gained sufficient traction that is required. 

We have been hearing a lot about why maintaining and having a loyal community is a great thing and also gained a lot of tips on how to build it, how to maintain it, and what not. But have we actually discussed the real meaning of crypto community?  

Not really! Without understanding what makes a crypto community, how can one maintain it?  

So, without wasting a single ounce of second let’s quickly understand what a crypto community actually is? 


What is crypto community? 

To start with, crypto community is similar to those of any general community, but that is specifically oriented toward the crypto sector.  A crypto community or a community is basically a group of people who share similar interests over a single topic and would enjoy interacting with individuals who have various other opinions on the same topic.  

These are the people who would not mind going an extra mile for the project they genuinely feel connected with and also gives you a great hand in spreading the word of mouth for the same. These communities themselves work as a social proof for your project by opening an avenue for the investors where they can share news, exchange ideas and sometimes even ask and answer questions.  

They necessarily don’t belong to similar geographical locations but are definitely connected remotely in the same direction via several platforms and messaging apps. At the end of the day, these people are who can increase the crowd and investor ratio for your project and that could be a part of your crypto marketing strategies.  

Now that it is clear what a crypto community is, it's time to jump off to your next topic in the line, which is top platforms and messaging apps where you can build a better community; 


6 platforms to build a better community for your project: 

Although there are a lot of platforms out there that can help you build a better community for your project. We have shortlisted the most talked about, top six of all:-

1 Telegram:  

It's simple to use and has a lot of features that make it an invaluable tool for communicating with your community. Telegram is a great platform for instant messaging. You can easily send messages to community members and get quick responses. This is perfect for when you need to communicate urgently to many individuals at same time.  

Telegram group chats, are perfect for project collaboration. You can easily add community members to a group chat and keep everyone updated on the project. Telegram makes it easy to share files with the community that ultimately is a great way to keep everyone on the same page.  

The best part of using Telegram is that you can add up to 200,000 members in a group and there are no limits on the number of groups you can create. 

2 Discord:    

Discord is another great platform for building a community. It's packed with features that make it perfect for online collaboration and communication. Whether you're looking for a safe place to chat with your community or a workspace to collaborate on projects, Discord has you covered. With features like voice and video chat, polls, and drag-and-drop file sharing, Discord makes it easy to stay connected with your community. Plus, its rich user interface lets you customize your experience to match your brand.  

Voice channels on discord is best option for hosting AMAs, debates, and many more. You can also incorporate discord bots to automate your tasks and contribute to keep up with your community.  

For example; creating bots to welcome new members in the community, giving timely greetings, sending in customized reminders in the group and much more.  

3 Reddit:    

Reddit is a great platform for finding and connecting with people who are interested in your project. While Reddit is an ideal platform for promoting your project, there are a few things you should keep in mind.  

First, make sure your project is actually featured on the front page. If it's not, then it's likely that people won't even see it. Second, create a dedicated subreddit for your project. This will help people find your project more easily. Third, make sure your project is active on social media. This will help people learn more about your project and connect with you. Lastly, make sure to cross-post your project on other forums and platforms. This will help people find your project more easily and help you get more exposure.  

Following these tips will help you get the most out of promoting your project on Reddit.  One of the additional benefit of using reddit is the wide exposure to potential members. Reddit is used more often by 430 million plus users. Many companies tend to overlook the amazing features of reddit, but we hope you don't make the same mistake. If used optimally it can turn out to be a marketers dream platform.  

Reddit offers a great feature of viewing profiles of your community and other community members, this way you can see what they have liked and disliked the most in the past and then form your content and strategy accordingly.  

4 Twitter:   

Twitter is a great platform for sharing your project with the world and connecting with people who are interested in it. It is beyond just a number of likes and comments. Twitter has the power to give identification to your brand on a wide scale, so using it optimally is what you need to focus on.  

To start with, prepare a specific and very clear crypto building plan. Decide how you will define your project and tie actionable CTAs with your business goal. You need to make sure that your project message is very loud and clear to the viewers as connected, engaged and responsive community will help your project scale without spending hundreds of dollars on promotion.  

There are a few tips to make your project more visible on Twitter: 

1. Use Twitter lists 

2. Follow and engage with people who are interested in your project 

3. Share your project updates 

4. Use hashtags 

5. Engage with influencers 

6. Use Twitter ads   

5 Facebook:  

Creating Facebook groups for community building is one of the best ways to start with. Even before creating your own group, it’s advisable to first take part in already established groups, share your best piece of content, engage with the existing members and share views of your project. Make them interested in your project and then look a way to make them invest in your project.   

People have been using Facebook groups for a variety of reasons like professional networking, seeking advice, marketing their business, and of course, building community. The most important part of creating and sustaining a Facebook group is engagement. If you can get people to engage with your group, you’re well on your way to building a thriving community.  

Here are a few tips for building community on Facebook: 

1. Establish clear rules and guidelines for group members. 

This will help to ensure that everyone is on the same page and knows what is expected of them. If people don’t know what is expected of them, they are less likely to participate in the group. 

2. Create engaging content. 

If you want people to participate in your group, you need to give them a reason to do so. One way to do this is by creating engaging content that will get people talking. 

3. Be active in the group. 

If you want people to be active in the group, you need to be active yourself. Lead by example and participate in the discussions yourself. 

6 Steemit: 

Steemit is an innovative platform for building a community around your project and earning rewards for your content. Steemit also provides a great opportunity for engaging with potential customers and followers. While Steemit is a great platform for building a community and earning rewards, there are a few things to keep in mind when using the platform. 

First, it is important to remember that the community on Steemit is very diverse. This means that you will need to be aware of the different interests and perspectives of the community members. Second, Steemit is a fast-paced platform. This means that you will need to be active in order to maintain a presence on the platform. Lastly, it is important to be aware of the different types of content that are popular on Steemit. This means that you will need to create content that is interesting and engaging for the community. 

Wrapping up: 

It’s without a doubt that these platforms are highly preferred and popular for building a crypto community for your project, howsoever, the magic remains in actually maintaining it and giving the real crux of your project to the right hands.  

Make sure you plan well in advance on how you are going to maintain and engage with your community. This way you can be prepared for a longer time on what to post and what not to post in the channels and groups you have created.  

If you still feel disconnected before starting the ride of community building make sure you go to the best drivers of crypto world. Yes you guessed it right! 

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