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Crypto Content Marketing And Video Creation ​​

Crypto Content Marketing And Video Creation ​

Instead Of Interrupting, Work On Attracting Through Content Marketing ​​​

In a crypto world where the audience is bombarded with promotional messages, it is difficult to get the marketing message across to the target audience. Instead of interrupting, use content marketing to attract your target audience with relevant and personalised content.​ ​​​

Importance Of Content Marketing In Crypto Industry​​


Audience Retention


Lead Generation & Increased Conversions


Higher SERP Rankings


Raise Brand Awarness


Generate Industry Authority


Create Loyal Brand Advocates

Ramp Up Your Content Marketing Game With AIM2DOOR!​​​​


Blog​ Writing​​


Video ​Content​


Personal​ Branding​


Marketing​ Content​


Blog Writing​

Blogs are the magnets that attract potential customers and investors. It showcases your industry expertise in which your business is present.​

​There are mainly two types of blog posts, which are described below:​

  • General Blogs​

    The aim of these blogs is to cover all the latest trends, as well as educational content about the niche that your business deals with. It is generally publish on platforms like Medium.​

  • SEO Blogs​

    Here we write a blog to increase the visibility of a website page in search engine result pages using technical and on-page SEO techniques. Here we also write content for SEO guest blogging purposes.​


Video Content​

  • Pre-Launch teaser, Launch and Major Announcement Videos ​

    Teaser & announcement videos adds a touch of curiosity and hypes the suspense for any launch. It is essential to deliver required information without giving out all the details. Launch videos enhance the communication of your features, USPs, and benefits and create excitement in the market for your product and services.​​

  • Explainer Video​

    Promote your brand, describe your product and inform your prospects with digestible, step-by-step explainer videos. Explainers can be animated, live-action, 2D, 3D or hybrid formats that help nurture leads and close deals faster than other content types.​

  • Educative/Informative Video​

    Explain your industry concepts and promote your brand better with explainer videos. It simplifies complex explanations and creates thought leadership in the industry.​

Personal Branding​

Personal branding is important as it is a communication coming from the top and people are more likely to trust it. It has been seen that in the crypto industry, investors of all types check founders' presence and activities on different platforms (e.g. LinkedIn, Quora, etc.) before investing in any coin/token so it is of the utmost importance to have the presence of founders on major platforms.​

Major Benefits Of Personal Branding

  • Attract Investors​​

  • Foster trust in the Company​

  • Helps In Acquiring New Talents​

  • Building Community​

  • Creates Industry Thought Leadership​


Marketing Content​​


Marketing content includes e-book guides, info graphics, presentations, product brochures and catalogues. This is why the content is essential as it also represents your brand firsthand to the target audience. Presenting this content with crisp writing and professional graphic design is of the utmost importance as it helps you to convert prospects into leads, leads into customers, and customers into repeative customers. ​

​It also helps you to attract new investors, close business deals with clients and confirm with other stakeholders' requirements.​