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The Ultimate Guide For Crypto Marketing In 2023!

The Ultimate Guide For Crypto Marketing In 2023!


There is a lot of buzz surrounding some projects, while others go unnoticed. What is the distinction? A well-thought-out crypto marketing strategy makes all the difference. Each month, several projects are launched in the market, so it is critical that your project stands out from the crowd in order to survive in such a competitive market. 

Below are the topics we will cover in this guide to get buzz around your project - 

  • Things To Consider Before Starting Your Crypto Marketing Campaign 

  • Crypto Marketing Strategies 

  • What Are The Metrics To Measure The Crypto Marketing Campaign

Things to consider before starting your Crypto Marketing campaign:  

There is no doubt that cryptocurrency marketing can turn out to be a bit tricky, especially if you are someone who hasn't been involved in the industry for a while. Take a look at these 05 essential factors you need to consider before you begin planning your next marketing campaign:        

1. Know your audience:  

The first step you must take in order to successfully market your cryptocurrency project is to first identify who your end-user audience is before you begin to design a marketing campaign for it. In crypto industry developer, trader,Gamers,Artist & Investors are common target audience. The more you know about your target audience, the more you will be able to customize your promotion to meet the needs of that audience. If you are able to figure out what exactly your customers expect from you and who you are going to be creating your campaign, then half your work is done. 

2. Market:   

It is important to note that each company entering the crypto market has different goals and different target audiences for their projects. As not all crypto projects follow the same pattern, it is advisable to first decide which category your cryptocurrency project belongs to and then based on its characteristics, identify the segment of the market that you intend to target with your project. Your project will function differently depending on whether it is an exchange, NFT marketplace, DEFI, DAO, stablecoin, or blockchain.  

In the event that you have identified a market segment, you should analyze the market's orientation and then prepare crypto campaigns. Obtain a thorough understanding of the current trends in the market, conduct deep research into the market insights, and adapt your ads and campaigns in accordance with the market trends. 

3. Competition:  

Having a good understanding of what your competitors are doing in the crypto marketing field is one of the most important things that you should take into consideration before starting your own crypto marketing campaign. Make sure you do an in-depth analysis of their strategies and learn what might work for you in your own situation based on what you discover. You can find details of your competitor through CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko where majority of project is listed. 

As a matter of fact, it is not necessary that the campaign idea that is great for them will also be great for your crypto campaign even if the results are similar.    

4. Use cases of the project:   

A crypto project is only considered valuable if it is able to provide a strong set of use cases to its end users in addition to its technical capabilities. The best way to extend the reach of your project is to include real-world practical use cases that will draw the attention of your audience so that they will be interested in your project. If you haven't established your use cases yet, you should because this is a crucial message that has to be delivered through your promotional channels. 

5. Relevant Platforms for the project:  

There is no doubt that crafting message is utmost important , However communicating the message on which platform is also much important. You need to lookout where do your community or target audience hangout? Accordingly, you need to choose your platform where you want to present. Trying to curate content for every platform may not be efficient as every platform demand different type of content. 

To showcase your features and to connect with the end users of your product, you can take advantage of social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Keeping your community alive requires the use of Telegram and Discord. It is a good idea to use channels such as Medium to publish blogs about your project as well. 

Make sure you consider these 5 essential points before planning your crypto marketing campaign. Now it’s time to head over to some top-notch crypto marketing strategies that will help you gain all the spotlights: 

Cypto Marketing Strategies:  

1. Bounty marketing:  

Bounties in cryptocurrency are programmes that incentivize participants' positive behavior and action in relation to the company's product. In the Bounty marketing campaign, Youtubers will shoot video reviews of your project and bloggers will write articles and post them on their blogs. On social media, members of the Crypto community follow, engage, and write about you (Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Top forums will talk about you (Reddit, Bitcointalk, and so on), with hundreds of reposts of news and comments praising you and inviting others to join you every day in exchange for a reward (tokens).  In the case of cryptocurrency, it typically occurs during the fundraising phase. 

2. PR: 

The Crypto industry thrives on trust, and PR is helping to establish that trust. Trust is a major pillar on which the Blockchain & Crypto industry is built upon. Trust can’t be built through cheap promotion, but rather through promotional tools that include high-quality media. Aside from trust, it helps you grab the attention of quality stakeholders such as investors, ardent users, collaborators, community, clients and many more! 

In Public relation, Press releases are the most efficient and effective approach to reach a big number of people with your idea. You may generate a significant amount of public interest in your project by using press releases. Developing positive ties with experienced press releasing agencies is crucial to maximizing your reach after all it’s about providing good content that quickly goes viral. Below are some famous crypto publication where you want your Press Release to be get published. 






3. Paid Marketing: 

Whether your goal is to raise brand awareness, increase website visits, generate leads, or acquire new customers, Paid ads come to the rescue for all your marketing goals. Paid Campaigns allow you to reach out to your target audience regardless of where they are in their purchasing journey. You can promote your project on different social media platforms which includes Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. You can advertise on google ad network which includes search ads, display ads, YouTube ads & so on.  

Aside from the above platforms, there are specific crypto paid ad networks & websites on which you can run ads. These crypto ad networks and websites are listed below 






4. Community Building: 

The least recognized but most reliable strategy. Yes. The people in your community are the ones who will help spread the word about your project once it goes live, so you can't do without them. 

Even while it may appear daunting at first, putting together a community for your project is actually quite straightforward with the appropriate advice. 

Join pre-existing groups or start your own conversation on Telegram, Discord, BitcoinTalk Twitter, or Facebook. Once you've established a community, you can promote your token by distributing useful content, responding to queries, inviting people to join groups, giving out freebies, and more (for free). You can also drive community from Bitcointalk & similar crypto community building platforms.

5. Creative website(Development & Design): 

Go for not just any ordinary website; instead, opt for one that is both well-optimized and creative at the same time. Make sure your website can pull in visitors, keep them around, and convince them to invest in your project, or at least be a part of the community. 

If you want more visitors and a higher Google ranking for your crypto project, you need to optimize your website so that it performs better in every way. 

Try not to complicate matters by adding too many details at once. It's crucial to have a quick and simple website. The content must be insightful, and of the highest quality. 

6. SEO: 

A targeted website with appropriate SEO techniques can improve its organic position and exposure in search engines. The goal of SEO is to raise your project's website's ranking so that it appears more frequently in search engine results.  It is crucial conduct SEO for your website as its bulid authority in your niche & the audience visiting through organic results are more trustworthy.  

Your crypto project might not have gained much visibility on the search pages yet, because your project is new, and there are superior competitors in the market. However, if your website is adequately optimized, it can rank higher and eventually appear on Google's first page, which means more clicks and traffic for your project, which is what online marketing is all about. 

So, for increased organic reach, employ relevant SEO techniques. 

7. Social Media Promotions:  

A social media campaign is the marketing of a product or service through the use of numerous social media channels. Social networking sites may help any business or initiative reach millions of potential clients. Social media contributes to the project's credibility by demonstrating its operation, mission, vision, and many other critical features. This is why social media marketing has grown in popularity in recent years. 

Using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Discord you may effectively market your idea and build a community. 

8. Exchange listing: 

Getting your project listed on a reputable exchange is a great first step in attracting the platform's user base. It helps you to get in front of larger audience & also increases your reputation. It helps to Unlocks the door of project expansion into new markets and communities. It also drives in passionate investors and potential collaborations. There will be more eyes on the project thanks to your efforts here. There are two types of exchanges on which you can plan to list one is centralized exchanges & second Decentralized exchanges. Depends on the projects roadmap you can list of tier-1, tier-2 & tier-3 exchanges. 

9. Airdrops & Giveaways: 

Airdrops involve crypto projects sending free tokens en masse to their communities. It is same like bounties but the tasks are very small & less time taking. Aside from that airdrops can be done anytime of your product journey based on your objective.   

The strategy for airdrop execution must be devised and tracked wisely. Tasks such as Likes, retweets, sharing posts, and/or generating material on Medium may be assigned to participants. 

To promote your project and encourage people to try it out, you can create giveaway campaigns. social media giveaways, competitions, Trading competition, and token purchase bonuses are some examples. 

Who doesn't want free tokens, after all? When preparing your token distribution strategy, it's a good idea to set aside a particular number of tokens for giveaways. 

10. Content & Video marketing: 

In the cryptocurrency industry, content and video marketing is becoming an increasingly popular method of marketing new projects. 

The provision of video content that adds value in conjunction with information that is direct and gets right to the point is the icing on the cake. After all a viewer hardly pays attention to any ad running near them and you get less than 02 seconds to capture their interest.  

What’s better than a video, is that has a long-lasting pact on viewers' minds and can easily recognize the project even after a long time.  

11. AMA Session: 

AMA, or Ask Me Anything, is a social gathering virtual event that may be seen as necessary, where concerns and questions from the audience can be cleared up and they can have a better grasp of your concept of your crypto project.  

To bring your audience on board, host your followers/subscribers on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and respond to their questions. 

By allowing individuals to raise questions directly to the team, you may increase trust in your prospective crypto project. This will allow them to obtain the most accurate information on the project or token. 

It is recommended that AMA sessions take place through the company's or founder's official channels. 

12. Public Events: 

Public events are an excellent way to reach a larger audience. What could be better than publicizing your cryptocurrency project in front of people who are actually interested? 

The larger the event, the greater your chances of attracting more investors. However, you must be very specific in what you include in your pitch, as these are people who are already familiar with the industry and are looking for real and promising outcomes. Public events can be done through partnerships & sponsoring any ongoing community events 

13. Podcasts: 

Trust us, when we say, podcasts are the easiest way to start. Podcasts are the simplest way to market your cryptocurrency project. 

Why podcasts are a great way to market your project is because these are the messages that will undoubtedly stay on the web until you want them to, and when a real person who is directly related to the firm speaks about their vision and mission of the project, audience automatically begins to gain trust in their words and grows more connected in no time. 

14. Influencer marketing: 

To promote awareness about your cryptocurrency project, you may use influencer marketing to get in touch with your community. When promoting on social media, it can be helpful to have access to influencer accounts that are verified accounts. You need to find people who have a large following and already have credibility in your sector to spread the word about your project and token. 

The key to successful influencer marketing is an optimal incentive, which can take the form of monetary payment, tokens, equity in the business, or anything else agreed upon by all parties involved. The better incentive you provide, the better results you will get from the influencers.  There are different categories of influencers like Micro & Macro influencers. According to your project requirement you can choose one of them.

What are the metrices to measure the crypto marketing campaign:   

Well, you have finely considered all the relevant factors and prepared an optimal crypto marketing campaign. Once you have started following it how do you know the strategies actually worked for you?  

Well, here's a list of 05 metrics you can use to analyze the growth & success of your campaign: 

1.  Leads generated:  

By following all of the strategies mentioned above you will be able to form a more effective and streamlined marketing campaign that will be able to reach more people which will ultimately lead you to more interactions.  

The end goal is to analyze how many users actually took initiative in the project and agreed to become a part of it. Basically, you need to find the number of prospects that initialized contact with you and further became members of the project. 

2. Email CTR:  

Email CTR or Email click through rate is essentially a report on how many times a reader clicked on your sent email and took action on it. This way, you'll have a clear image of how email marketing works for you. Whether or not your target audience is interested in reading project-related emails. You can further customize and create more efficient emails for improved conversion. 

3. Website traffic sources: 

The primary and most crucial metric for understanding engagement results is website traffic sources. Tools like Google Analytics can assist you in streamlining your results and conversion sources. 

Basically, website traffic is a great analyzing tool that helps you understand where your audience is diverted from and which type of content or marketing is working the best for you. Knowing the exact format, you can further create similar content and post it in your Favour.  

4. Social Media Activity: 

Through social media activity analytics you can review the performance and engagement on your piece of posted content. This may include the number of likes, comments or responses, shares, and reactions associated with your post. 

It might be difficult to determine what type of crypto-related material the market is interested in. As a result, you may post a range of popular content and then determine which content appeals to your audience depending on the engagement rate you obtain through social media activity. 

You may measure your engagement rate over time by calculating: 

(Total number of engagements divided by total number of followers) * 100 = engagement rate. 

5. Content Engagement on different platforms: 

Other than Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, there are various platforms that are specifically crypto-oriented, and making your content stand out on those platforms is very critical.  

You can see how your audience and community react and engages with the posted content. This way you can analyze how many people actually replies to your post on telegram, initiates a conversion in the group, or maybe likes and comments on the blogs posted on platform like Medium.  

These insights will help you form better content for your project. 

 Wrapping up Thoughts:  

Optimally marketing your crypto project to the right audience can be tricky sometimes. As we say marketing is no walk in the park, it’s for sure a better idea to leave few things for the experts.  

AIM2OOR has been working in the crypto domain for the past many years and the expert marketing team for sure is familiar with all the ins and outs of getting the word out about your project. 

If you are in search for something similar, why not consider us.