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Top 7 tips to choose the best ICO marketing agency!

Top 7 tips to choose the best ICO marketing agency!

Read how to choose a good ICO marketing agency and what to look after while choosing a renowned ICO marketing firm. 


Why do you need a good ICO Marketing agency? 

Initial coin offering has gained immense popularity in recent years. One of the top reasons why most project owners prefer ICO is because it's the most effective method of fundraising for various crypto projects.  

However, the true significance of ICO marketing can only be derived if you are able to utilize it to the fullest. For which you will undoubtedly need expert assistance. This is why having a good ICO marketing agency is imperative. 

A good ICO marketing agency will help to achieve the results you wish, enable you to raise adequate funds for your ICO and also promote it in the best possible manner, which you might not be able to do otherwise.  


Top 7 tips to choose the best ICO Marketing  agency 

1. Shortlisting an ICO firm with experience:  

The first thing you should consider when hiring a firm for your ICO project is that you should take into account their experience and knowledge in the field of ICO marketing.  In order to evaluate the best firm for your project, you can go through the client reviews, have a look at the previously accomplished projects, the background of the team, and many more.  

This way you can get an idea of the quality work the firm provides and also the possible results you will experience. It is essential to consider a firm that not only has many years of experience in the given field but also has a good reputation. 


2. Marketing expertise: 

There is no doubt that marketing isn't everyone's cup of tea. You may find it more challenging if you enter a field with no previous experience. To overcome your problem, hire a company that knows not only the current market trends and technologies but also has a high reputation in the market. A good ICO marketing company will help you to target a specific audience and grab the attention of potential investors with appropriate and customized ICO content. 


3. Legal considerations: 

Make sure the ICO firm you have shortlisted is well versed with the legal processes related to ICOs in each country. The reason they must be aware of the legal procedures in all the countries is that ICOs are issued on a global scale and investors worldwide can participate in this.  

After all, you don't wish to get into any kind of trouble with the rule of law at any time. Plus, a competent ICO firm will make the process even more cost-effective, and the chance of violating legal limits is eliminated. 


4. Working Team: 

As they say, behind every successful ICO project there remains a dedicated team. When choosing a firm for your next ICO project make sure you get your hands on not only a dedicated team but also someone who has adequate knowledge and expertise in the required areas of fields.  

There will be individuals who will claim to be the best even while they procure basic knowledge about blockchain and coding, here you need to dig down a step deeper to actually understand how valuable content these individuals can provide you.  

There must be a diversity of skills on the ICO creation team, spanning different fields. A few examples include KYC, the law of technology, the creation of smart chains, and the development of blockchains. 


5. Community management ICO services: 

 In a nutshell, we can say that communities are the lifeblood of any ICO. It will take much longer for the ICO project to survive the heat of the competition if it does not have a loyal and strong community behind it. You can get help from an experienced ICO firm in setting up relevant crypto community groups across various specific channels and also in managing them with the help of engaging activities.  

The expert community managers won't just help you promote your project but also make the investors and audience feel connected with the project, ultimately gaining your project a long benefit. 


6. ICO Marketing Plan: 

Before you finalize an ICO firm for your project, it is evident to look in depth for their proposed ICO marketing plan and strategies. You need to be sure what activities they will perform and how, to ensure your project gets the attention and funding it needs. Once you are satisfied with the plan you can go ahead.  

The long-term goals and plans of an established ICO firm should be clearly defined. Make sure the firm doesn't offer extravagant promises but instead has a realistic and static plan. 


7. Advertising strategies: 

See if your selected ICO firm can help you increase the visibility of your project on various platforms. Review the formats of content they shall use to promote your project.  

There are two major promotional methods; (See if your shortlisted ICO firm has included these two in their plans for not) 

> Marketing through crypto channels:

Marketing professionals with experience are aware of the best ways to promote your ICO content on crypto channels. As part of their service, they make use of a wide range of ICO solutions, such as news releases, PR articles, social media posts and YouTube explainer videos in order to promote your ICO on channels like Reddit, Telegram, Discord and many more. 

> Marketing through content creators:

The best ICO marketing company should have content creators that are at the top of their game. It is their job to create effective marketing content and distribute it on a variety of channels. Having the knowledge of when to place ads and how to optimize them is part of what a professional company does.  


Things a company needs to look after its project before hiring an agency 

1. Showcase how your project stands out:  

The firm you choose to market your ICO must be qualified enough to bring out and accurately highlight the unquestionable nature of your project. By showcasing the uniqueness of your project, you will attract more investors since it will make the project stand out from the crowd. 

Get a sense of how a company plans to make your project more accessible to your audience and make them feel connected to it. 

2. Balancing Goals: 

It is a reputable company that does not show you unrealistic goals. They assess your project and set up a balanced strategy that takes into account the needed funds and engagement. When marketing a project, it can be a challenging task, and to ensure utmost satisfaction and success, justified process steps must be incorporated into the final proposals. 

3. Maintaining secrecy of the company:  

It is crucial that the sensitive information and exclusive details of your ICO project remain safe in the hands of the right people. When working with a good ICO firm, you can be certain that nothing will be left out of the equation. In the drafting of the marketing and launch plan of the ICO, the team must guarantee utmost secrecy. 


Final thoughts

Having a good and proficient ICO marketing team for your project is a must. It is far better to hire a company to initiate and overcome the final procedures of your ICO rather than go for an in-house team. You can save ample amount of time and money for sure by outsourcing your team and also get an edge on the additional expertise and knowledge directly from the industry experts.  

In case you are looking to hire a renowned and reputable ICO firm for marketing your project, worry no more! You have come to the right page.

AIM2DOOR has been working in the field for the past many years and has successfully acquired a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable experts who know each INs and OUTs of ICO Marketing, from launch to promotion.  

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