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STO Marketing Services

STO Marketing Services

Now Raise Your Funds By Offering Your Securities As Tokens!​

Security Token Offerings (STOs) combine blockchain technology with the requirements of regulated securities markets to support asset liquidity and wider access to finance. STOs are typically the issuance of digital tokens in the form of regulated securities in a blockchain environment.​

You can Offer Security Token in exchange of your company shares or offer a token backed by asset. Aside from that, you can raise funds by offering a debt token in exchange for some benefits such as interest.Aim2door is a STO Development company who creates holistic STO marketing strategy for a sucessful STO launch. ​

Benefits of STO​​


It is possible to programme security tokens. This means that specific restrictions can be included in the security token and will be applied automatically. These principles could apply to dividend distribution (the bigger the payout, the longer you hold a token), voting rights (the higher your voting rights, the longer and more tokens you own), or other perks. These regulations can then be utilised to incentivise ownership while simultaneously maintaining price stability.​

Global Market Accessibility

An organization can never offer its shares globally through an IPO. In STO, however, you can. Furthermore, launching an IPO in various markets would typically entail a large number of costs paid to banks and consultants in each market. This is not the case with a STO, which lowers the fees associated with raising funds.​.

Liquidity & Fractional Ownership​

Using blockchain technology, tokens can be settled instantly or within a few minutes. Talking about the fractional ownership current situation is very complicated when dealing with high-priced assets such as real estate or art. Since these assets are now also highly liquid, it gives an investor a lot more options. .

Fully Traceable & Embedded Compliance

Security tokens can be incorporated in programming so once the system is in place, enforcing regulations becomes immensely easier and automatic. Apart from that, it is traceable, which means that a coin can be tracked over time to discover who possessed it and for how long. Markets and stakeholders will benefit from increased openness.​.

STO Essentials​

STO Essential img
  • Pitch Deck Creation​​​
  • Investor Outreach​​
  • Token Development
  • General Solicitation​​
  • STO Platform​ Development​​

STO Promotion

STO Promation img
  • PR & Media Outreach​​
  • Bounty & Airdrop Campaigns​
  • Social Media Marketing​
  • STO Listing Website Promotion​
  • Paid ADS​
  • Community Marketing​
  • Influencer Marketing​
  • Promotion On Reputed Forums​

Post STO Services

Post STO services img
  • Market Making​​
  • Coin Price Pump​
  • Assisting In Implementing
    Project Roadmap​
  • Bringing a Project to the Mainstream​


Security token offerings are a type of public offering in which tokenized digital securities are sold on security token exchanges.

Cryptocurrency-based crowdfunding is known as an ICO and STO allows more regulated means to launch crypto tokens and are comparatively more secured.

STO marketing involves promoting your project on social media channels as well as other crypto platforms using a variety of marketing methods.

To increase token sales and a large user base for the project.

At the initial stage, our marketers will provide your STO with the exposure it needs. Bringing investors and building a community is their job. These will result in more token sales and can help you get your security token offering listed on exchanges.

Our team has a great understanding of how to approach the right targeted audience with selective platforms online;

We handle;

  • Email Campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC (Google Ads)
  • Content Marketing (Blogs/PR/Guest Post)
  • Video Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing