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IDO Marketing Services

IDO Marketing Services

Starting Smaller? Get Bigger Through IDO!​​​

An IDO is a crypto token offering run on a Decentralized Exchange (DEX). It's often easier, more affordable, and more accessible for a small project to launch their token through a DEX than through a large, centralized exchange. Aim2door is an IDO Development company who creates holistic IDO marketing strategy for a successful IDO launch. ​​

Benefits OF IDO​​

IDO Essentials​​

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  • White Paper Creation​​
  • Website Development​​​
  • Token Development​
  • IDO Launchpad Development​​

IDO Promotion

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  • PR & Media​​
  • Influencer Marketing​​
  • Social Media Marketing​
  • Paid ADS​
  • Community Marketing​
  • Content & Video​ Marketing​​

Post IDO Services

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  • Market Making​
  • Coin Price Pump​​
  • Assisting In Implementing Project Roadmap​​
  • Bringing a Project to the Mainstream​

Assist You In Connecting To Major IDO Launchpads​​​


Initial DEX is a form of crowdfunding in which tokens are distributed via decentralized liquidity markets. A decentralized liquidity exchange markets tokens through a pool of liquidity.

Utilizing decentralized platforms, IDO marketing helps you build brand authority and a supportive community around your project.

IDO marketing helps you establish brand authority, build community support for your project, and spread the word about your company. As a result, your chances of achieving your fundraising goals increase.

Your company can benefit from our IDO marketing strategy. To reach your IDO fundraising goals, our Marketing experts build brand authority and a supportive community around your project.

We cover the entire scope of IDO Services:

  • Video Marketing  
  • PR and Content Marketing
  • Social Media campaigns
  • Paid Traffic
  • Influencer marketing  
  • Post-Token Sale Marketing